Shlomo Artzi – Chom Yuli August (With Subtitle)

from the album : hom yuli august , 1988 The July-August heat then was very heavy It was afternoon and the platoon went in the wadi Write in the book a page, they speak of battles Write of the wounded that are trembling, and this is normal Youth is pleasant, the summer neverending Va'aknin arrived to the platoon, the champion of Kiryat Gat He burned down the barracks and ran off to Beit Gobrin The police in pursuit of him only here relaxed a bit All that I remember from this I write down Innocent souls in stretchers, two without a name Lately thoughts return to me from there in my dim memory A heavy screen of battles and hallucinations July-August heat, when a pinecone falls A helicopter lands, I lie alone in the field when the helicopter leaves I suddenly feel hungry Dying to eat you in the mother base I return with a pass to you at your home Close the room, even god won't enter here Suddenly your father enters, looks like he's crying In the canal a whole platoon was hit by anti-ship fire in "tempo" [an outpost on the Suez Canal] What I remember from this I write down, Catch a Haifa taxi, jump to the discotheque prostitues on the fence, in me just a ghost burns I go dancing with dead soldiers in my heart Write it down, write it down; I write, I write…
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