shiri maimon – Awakening to a Dream – שירי מימון – מקיץ אל חלום

ערב יום הזכרון 8.5.2011 DON'T CRY Lyrics and music: Baruch Friedlander Again …like waking up in a dream avoiding the light wandering the walls of ideal misty like milk like a desperate dreamer closing his eyes Don't cry, I cry for you don't turn round, I will walk for you until the end of my strength until I fall and my body breaks on the river banks Still a far away bohemia like a spoiled death hidden in a narrow street facing us out and forbidden like a taboo on my shoulders if you visited me – Don't cry… To the wind To the water To the fire Like an apple far from the tree On the road Leading me to you Until the horizon Which looks like you and leaves me quivering with emotion Don't turn round Don't cry Don't hide

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