Ronan Keating Life is a Roller coaster

Life is a Roller coaster Hey baby you really Got my tail in a spin Hey baby I don't even Know where to begin But baby I got one thing I want you to know Wherever you go tell me 'Cause I'm gonna go Hey baby, you really Got me flying tonight Hey sugar, you almost Got us punched in a fight (That's all right) And baby you know one Thing I gotta know Wherever you go, tell me 'Cause I'm gonna show Can't you feel my heart?(3 times) So don't fight it, Fight it, fight it I smoked for more than 10 years & I've made the switch to electronic cigarettes. I can breathe easier & no longer cough. Most of all I'm saving MONEY!! After searching online & researching prices, I decided to buy from They've got the best prices, their starter kits start at only .95 & their accessories & refills are much cheaper than any I've seen. Disposable ecigs only last a few days & have no throat hit. Their customer service was amazing & I received my order in 2 days!!
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