Ninet Tayeb – Something can happen / נינט טייב – הכל יכול לקרות

Ninet Tayeb singing "Something can happen" in an Israeli dance program, in 2007. English lyrics: anything can happen there is no direction for the wind the wide open space the infinite horizon anything can happen, from love I am sweet and from brake up, I am unravel and in the end, nothing is left\ nothing remains but there is always someone, that listens, and takes care of me, that I wont give in\give up I want you to stay, until this craziness\madness, will end tonight until the end of another day anything can happen, nothing is permanent, nothing is for sure, that something will happen, or maybe nothing will happen because anything can happen a train that drives, and never stops at the same station let me go\let me be alone with my loneliness in my room take the pieces, piece by piece and grew the pieces together, and make me whole again. once more, again, until the next flood until it wont hurt again until everything will calm\will be calmer again. Ninet Tayeb (Hebrew: נינט טייב‎, also known as Ninette or Nina) (b. 1983, in Kiryat Gat, Israel) is an Israeli-pop rock singer and actress who came to fame as the first winner ofKochav Nolad (the Israeli version of Pop Idol). Kochav Nolad (Hebrew: כוכב נולד‎) (A Star Is Born) is an Israeli reality television show searching for talented new vocalists based on the British Pop Idol and American Idol model. Since its debut on Israeli Channel 2 in 2003, Kohav Nolad has achieved great popularity and turned out many new musical
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