Miley Cyrus Is Proud Of Her Curves – Become a Fan! – Follow Us! Hey Hey guys! Dana Ward here for ClevverTV. So it's no surprise that body image in Hollywood is a much talked about topic, and we're proud of one star who is standing up to the haters. Miley Cyrus took to her Twitter page recently in response to critics saying she gained weight, and she's showing that nobody is going to get her down. The star tweeted QUOTE "I Don't wanna be shaped like a girl. I LOVE being shaped like a WOMAN and trust me ladies your man won't mind either" and she continued calling out critics by posting a picture of a starved model saying "when you call girls fat this is what you're doing". And MC's stance inspired a celeb friend to also speak up. Demi Lovato responded saying QUOTE "SO proud of you for posting that! #curvesareBEAUTIFUL". We love that these girls are proud of who they are, espeically in a world where others are overly critical and speak negatively too often. So we want you to show your support for these ladies and let us know if you feel empowered by these stars, by posting a comment below. For ClevverTV, I'm Dana Ward and we'll catch you guys next time!
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