Jane & Lisbon – "את יפה" ("You're Beautiful")

A song for Lisbon, from Jane… Lisbon has no idea how she appears in Jane's eyes, or just how much he cares about her. Maybe Jane doesn't recognize his feelings, dormant so long, either – but he will acknowledge just how beautiful Lisbon is to him. "At Yafa" ("You're Beautiful") by Idan Yaniv. The song is in Hebrew, but I put up English subtitles. I never tire of hearing this song, and I think every female should hear it at least once a day =) "עידן יניב- "את יפה Shir leLisbon, miJane. Lisbon bichlal lo yoda'at eich hi nir'ah be'einav, veyachol lihyot shegam Jane lo makir kamah hu ohev otah… aval hu yode'a shebishvilo, hi haishah hahachi yafah baolam. Ani yoda'at shehaMentalist od lo batelevizyah ba'aretz, az im yesh Yisraelim sheohavim oto, bevakasha lehagid shalom! Ani rak Amerikayit sheohevet hashir vehazug =)

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