Idan Yaniv ft Avihu Shabat – Hallelujah עידן יניב ואביהו שבת – "הללויה"

Idan Yaniv (Hebrew: עידן יניב‎; born October 18, 1986) is an Israeli singer[1] born in Tel Aviv to Bukharan Jewish parents. He has successfully recorded two albums with many popular singles from both albums. His debut single was "Hoshev Aleya" and it was a hit that generated a lot of attention in Israel and in other Jewish communities in the world. Also, he recorded a duet with famous pop singer Dana International named Seret Hodi ("Movie from India"), and its video reached the top video charts, making it the most requested videoclip in the history of Israel so far. Idan Yaniv became the 2007 Artist of the Year in Israel.

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