High School Musical: Start of Something New

SONG: Start of Something New ARTIST: Troy and Gabriella VIDEO: High School Musical SPOILERS: For the First Movie Okay, so yes, I love High School Musical. It's a very cute movie, you have to admit that! Though it seems sort of weird and out of place with all the Austin and Shakespeare vids that have populated my account as of late. But oh well! I wanted to try something new (haha.). This vid is no where near perfect, though it was interesting to make! I took the video where the two actually sing the song in the movie and put clips of the rest of the movie in with it cutting between the two of them. The clips were hard to work with because in the beginning I wanted to cut out the stupid monitor completely. Sorry, for a night that monitor was the bane of my existance. Towards the end my problem was that the interaction between Troy and Gabriella was just too cute I had a hard time cutting some of it out! But oh well. That's all I'm going to say. I wasn't going to post this one (it was going to go in a folder with my other vids that I hang onto just in case I ever feel brave enough to post them) but I figure eh, why not? I hope you enjoy it a little at least.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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