Harel Moyal in the special program "My Way"

Harel Moyal in "My Way", the special program about the most prominent contestants from all seasons of Kochav Nolad (Israeli Idol). In this movie also appeared Ninet Tayeb, Harel Skaat,Boaz Mauda, Marina Maximilian Blumin, Roni Dalumi, Idan Amedi and Diana Golbi. 31/03/2011 Harel Moyal (Hebrew: הראל מויאל‎, b. 1981) is a popular young Israeli pop singer-songwriter and stage actor who won the second season of the Israeli television series Kochav Nolad (Hebrew for A Star Is Born). He has released two albums. Kochav Nolad (Hebrew: כוכב נולד‎) (A Star Is Born) is an Israeli reality television show searching for talented new vocalists based on the British Pop Idol and American Idol model. Since its debut on Israeli Channel 2 in 2003, Kokhav Nolad has achieved great popularity and turned out many new musical stars. The show is hosted by Zvika Hadar. הראל מויאל – בדרך שלי בסרט על אודות העשייה של בוגרי כוכב נולד הבולטים מכל העונות

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