Harel Moyal audition for Kochav Nolad 2 (Israeli Idol)

The Harel Moyal's audition for the Israeli program Kochav Nolad, in 2004. He won that season. Harel Moyal (Hebrew: הראל מויאל‎, b. 1981) is a popular young Israeli pop singer-songwriter and stage actor who won the second season of the Israeli television series Kochav Nolad (Hebrew for A Star Is Born). He has released two albums.Kochav Nolad (Hebrew: כוכב נולד‎) (A Star Is Born) is an Israeli reality television show searching for talented new vocalists based on the British Pop Idol and American Idol model. Since its debut on Israeli Channel 2 in 2003, Kochav Nolad has achieved great popularity and turned out many new musical stars. The show is hosted by Zvika Hadar. אהבה קצרה – האודישן של הראל מויאל
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