Fort Minor – Kenji Music Video

Fort Minor – Kenji Lyrics My father came from Japan in 1905 He was 15 when he immigrated from Japan He worked until he was able to buy to actually build a store Let me tell you the story in the form of a dream, I don't know why I have to tell it but I know what it means, Close your eyes, just picture the scene, As I paint it for you, it was World War II, When this man named Kenji woke up, Ken was not a soldier, He was just a man with a family who owned a store in LA, That day, he crawled out of bed like he always did, Bacon and eggs with wife and kids, He lived on the second floor of a little store he ran, He moved to LA from Japan, They called him 'Immigrant,' In Japanese, he'd say he was called "Issei," That meant 'First Generation In The United States,' When everybody was afraid of the Germans, afraid of the Japs, But most of all afraid of a homeland attack, And that morning when Ken went out on the doormat, His world went black 'cause, Right there; front page news, Three weeks before 1942, "Pearl Harbour's Been Bombed And The Japs Are Comin'," Pictures of soldiers dyin' and runnin', Ken knew what it would lead to, Just like he guessed, the President said, "The evil Japanese in our home country will be locked away," They gave Ken, a couple of days, To get his whole life packed in two bags, Just two bags, couldn't even pack his clothes, Some folks didn't even have a suitcase, to pack anything in, So two trash bags is all they gave them, When the kids asked mom "Where

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