D12 – 40 oz.

Uncensored & Unrestricted Music Videos you can't find on other Social Networks! bvmtv.com Twitter: #BVMTV – @JeffBVMTV D12 (also known as D-12, and The Dirty Dozen) is an American hip hop group from Detroit, Michigan. D12 has had chart-topping albums in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. D12 was formed in 1996, but only achieved mainstream success when one of its members, Eminem, rose to international fame. On April 11, 2006, Proof was killed by a gunshot wound to the chest at the CCC Club by club bouncer Mario Etheridge on 8 Mile Road in Detroit, Michigan after fatally shooting Keith Bender, Jr. While playing a game of pool, Proof and Bender got into a heated argument. After a physical altercation, Etheridge fired his gun into the air to try and stop the situation, but Proof shot Bender in the head. Etheridge, who was Bender's cousin, then shot Proof three times in the head and chest. Proof was killed, and Bender died a week later. Proof's blood alcohol content at the time of his death was 0.32 percent, four times the level that qualifies someone for a drunken driving conviction; he had no other drugs in his system. Bender's family began a wrongful death suit against Proof's estate. Etheridge was held by authorities to have been acting in lawful defense of another man; however, he was found guilty of carrying a concealed weapon and discharging a firearm inside a building. Several months later, hip-hop magazine XXL published an alternative account of the

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