Chamillionaire – WONT CHANGE

Log on to to to order Chamillionaire's AMMUNITION EP. Pre- Order available now. Digital download available March 20th, 2012. Physical cd available March 27th, 2012. Chamillionaire – Won't Change Feat @TamiLaTrell Produced by @vmanproductions Lyrics Below Downtown living in that H-Town/ You know I love how you love to love me baby/ (Hook) I ride for my home and state/ Where we be riding vogues and swangs/ And cups be overflowed with drank/ No we don't care what people say/ My city been through so much pain/ They love me and I sure won't change/ Won't Change/ (Verse 1) Music slow but im such a speeder/ Tried to exit the feeder/ Spotted me like a cheetah/ Looked in the car and he asked me if im a dealer/ Keep a tool and some screw so I told him I'm Bob Vila Young Tela feeling like Derek Jeter/ I'll show your girl how I swing it as soon as I get to meet her/ Hate on me from the rear while they playing follow the leader/ All these caucasian diamonds I must have caught jungle fever/ First they love it and then they hate it/ Welcome to Texas where flip-floppin is overrated/ Musta not got the memo/ Say the happy you made it/ But they really full of hot air like the skinnies I just inflated/ Hard to say RIP after timelessness get created/ You'd think that we'd live forever wit music thats never dated/ We gon treat every day like its UGK's birthday/ When Bun say he's happy you made it just tell him happy belated/ (Hook) I ride for my home and state/ Where we
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