Boaz Mauda – Kol Galgal (Sound of a Wheel) – Israeli Idol 5

Boaz Mauda singing "kol galgal" (the sound of a circle) in Kochav Nolad 5, the Israeli version of American Idol or Pop Idol, in 2007. Hebrew lyrics: Kol galgal hamitgalgel mimatah lemalah, merkavot s'tumot hol'chot umitgalgelot. Kol ne'imot oleh, veyored, holech umeshotet ba'olam. Kol shofar nim'shach be'omkei hamad'regot, umesavev hagalgal saviv. Zehu kol, zehu kol galgal oleh veyored. English lyrics: The sound of a circle rolls upwards from below, obscure chariots going and revolving The sound of melodies goes up and down it goes and wanders in the world. The voice of a shofar extends through the depths of stairs, and the circle spins around. That's the sound, the sound of a circle going up and down. Boaz Mauda (Hebrew: בועז מעודה‎, b. April 23, 1987) is an Israeli singer and songwriter. He represented Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, finishing in 9th place. בועז מעודה – קול גלגל
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