Alizee – J'en Ai Marre (Live, Sexy & with Lyrics)

[Updated 31st Oct 2008] I've uploaded new set of lyrics using youtube's latest closed captions. It's clearer than the old lyrics. You can choose either english or french. I guess that you can read them better now. =) ————————————– [Original description] I've included the original French lyrics. The translation into English was done by moi-alizee. Mind you, this is totally different from "I'm Fed Up" lyrics. Be sure to watch it till the end, if u wanna see some "special" pics of Alizee. ;) Just to share it with you guys… this is the first French song, i've ever heard. I won't get bored with the melody, ever. sigh, she's soooooo cute.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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